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Architecture & Technology for Plants.

Plant-in City at Mark Miller Gallery

Plant-in City is a collaboration between architects, designers, and technologists who are building new ways of interacting with nature. Our 21st century sculptural terrariums combine modular architecture, basic laws of physics, embedded technologies, and mobile computing to construct a "Plant City" where the aesthetic meets the pragmatic.

Each frame is made with cedar wood and copper piping, with digital sensors and integrated lighting controlled by smartphone app. The plants live in an artful structure that's nearly self-sustaining. After all, plants improve our quality of life and nurture us on an everyday basis; we think it's only fair to nurture them in return.

Units can operate as independent terrariums, or with extensive modular components to create a diverse ecosystem - your own personal park. Just think of Plant-in City as bionic plant furnishings for the information age that are equally at home in galleries, public spaces, cultural institutions, or apartments.


Plant-in City was a Runner Up for Core77 Design Awards in Built Environments.